A 501(c)(3) pro-bono consulting firm composed of passionate professionals dedicated to helping nonprofits.

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Who We Are

We are a registered 501(c)(3) pro-bono consulting firm composed of passionate volunteers with backgrounds in professional services.

What We Do

We develop strategies that enable nonprofits to create social impact, while furthering professional development and collaboration amongst our volunteers.

Who We Help

We help small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations operate with the discipline and structure of the for-profit sector by leveraging our knowledge and expertise.

Our Services
  • Finance and Fundraising

    Analyzing the client’s cost structure and program goals to develop an effective fundraising campaign with donor strategies to target an optimal mix of funding sources.

  • Board Engagement

    Assessing the current performance and structure of the Board of Directors or Advisory Committees and designing mechanisms for increased engagement and alignment.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Developing a set of key performance indicators to help clients measure their progress in achieving their mission and track their performance over time.

  • Nonprofit Strategy

    Developing a vision for growth by developing a roadmap for short-, medium-, and long-term growth of the client’s organization as well as establishing detailed milestones to measure growth.

  • Reorganization

    Assessing the client’s current structure and developing a more streamlined and effective organizational structure that establishes committees and subcommittees to enable the organization to better accomplish its mission.

  • Marketing and Branding

    Crafting an effective marketing strategy to build awareness of the client’s organization by clarifying messaging, increasing awareness, improving online presence, utilizing social media, and expanding level of outreach.

  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

    Planning an effective recruitment strategy for clients to get new volunteers as well as developing a comprehensive retention strategy for clients to retain and better engage existing volunteers.

Facts and Figures

Here are some facts and figures about the volunteer work we have done at Pivot.

Client Testimonals

"Pivot has brought fresh ideas and actionable recommendations, and has integrated well with our culture. We are glad to have them as partners." - Christian Origlio, Co-Founder, Sue Duncan Children's Center

"Pivot’s strong business skills, clear communication and objectivity helped us strengthen and clarify our strategic plan." - Anthony Moseley, Executive Artistic Director, Collaboraction

"Awesome team, great ideas, a pleasure to work with. - Chris Rovin, Executive Director, We-Search

"The team was phenomenal. We REALLY appreciate the strategic thinking and research." - Sam Hammar, Executive Director, The Capital Network

"The Pivot Team served as one of best ambassadors for our organization to date. Through their analysis, our funders took notice of the needs and successes of the organization, and moved forward on nearly all of their recommendations." - Nicole Kawell, Founding Director, Chicago Dance Institute

"Pivot was able to come in as an "outside" objective organization and help our board see their potential as a strategic governance board and a fundraising board. The Pivot team was very professional and a pleasure to work with." - Peggy Parfenoff, President, World Chicago